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GOP Rep. Darrell Issa defends Trump's baseless claims about 'millions' of 'illegal' votes

Instead of admitting President-elect Donald Trump's claim of voter fraud in the "millions" might not be evidence-based, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) ran with it as an opportunity to angle for further voter restrictions. During a Monday morning interview on CNN's New Day, Issa argued that America does have "huge problems in getting elections accurate and quickly, and getting them believed by the American people."

"We need to get a system that the American people believe in," Issa said. Refusing to agree with host Chris Cuomo's assertion that "several studies" have indicated Trump's figures to be a "gross exaggeration," Issa insisted Trump is simply "fighting" for an "absolute form of confidence." "That's all Donald Trump is getting American people thinking about," Issa said.

But, Cuomo countered, if gaining voter "confidence" is the concern, then pushing baseless claims about "millions" of people voting "illegally" might not be the best approach. "That doesn't bring confidence back, does it?" Cuomo said. Watch the exchange below. Becca Stanek