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America's oldest person celebrates her birthday, still lies about her age

The oldest living American celebrates her birthday today, although she habitually shaves a decade off her age, The Associated Press reports. If you were to ask Adele Dunlap, she would say she is now a mere 105 — not 114, as is the truth.

Dunlap lives in a nursing home in New Jersey and celebrated her birthday with her fellow residents. When asked for her birthday wish, she said: "I've never thought of such a thing. I don't wish for anything."

While Dunlap is older than many people can ever hope to be, she is still much younger than the planet's oldest living person, Emma Morano, who is 117 and resides in Italy, where she eats eggs every day.

As for Dunlap, reflecting back on her 114 years of life doesn't much impress her. When asked what she is thankful for, Dunlap said, "Gee, how should I know?"