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Tucker Carlson challenges Glenn Beck on Trump's win: 'Did it shake your faith?'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn't shy away from mixing religion and politics when he interviewed conservative commentator Glenn Beck on his show Monday night. Carlson kicked off the interview by asking Beck how the electoral loss of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) — the candidate Beck allegedly said "was anointed by God to stop" Donald Trump from winning the presidency — affected his relationship with God. "Because he didn't win and Trump did, did it shake your faith?" Carlson asked. Beck insisted it hadn't, and he also denied he ever said Cruz was "anointed by God."

Carlson then wanted to know "what message God is sending us by Trump's election," if, in fact, Cruz was the chosen one. Beck said he couldn't "speak for God," but he did share what he'd learned from the election. "Be a little more gentle with each other," Beck said. "Half of the nation is freaking out that Donald Trump is the president."

Watch the interview — Carlson's first in his new prime-time slot on Fox News — below. Becca Stanek