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Donald Trump to be sworn in as president using his 60-year-old childhood bible

President-elect Donald Trump will take the oath of presidency Friday with his hand on his 60-year-old childhood Bible, CBN News reports.

Trump has shown off his Bible at campaign rallies before, declaring: "I believe in God, I believe in the Bible, I'm a Christian, I have a lot of reasons." He was given the Bible on June 12, 1955, two days before his 9th birthday, when he graduated from Sunday Church Primary School at First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, New York:

"[Trump's] mother, Mary Anne, presented it to him and he's kept it ever since," CBN News reports. "The Bible is a Revised Standard Version with his name imprinted on the front cover. The inside cover is signed by church officials with his name inscribed."

Trump will also reportedly use the Lincoln Bible to be sworn in, which was also used by Obama in 2009 and 2013. Obama was the first president to use the Lincoln Bible since Lincoln's own inauguration in 1861.