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Obama on the Trump era: 'This is just a little pit stop'

Before jetting off to Palm Springs, California, former President Barack Obama said a quick goodbye to his staff and supporters at Joint Base Andrews. "Michelle and I have really been milking this goodbye thing," Obama joked, before offering some parting thoughts on the progress he saw during his presidency and what the future may hold.

"Our democracy is not the buildings, it's not the monuments. It's you, being willing to work," Obama said, recalling how his supporters "came together, from small towns and big cities" and "decided to believe." He urged his supporters to keep doing this, and promised he'd be right there with them. "This is just a little pit stop," Obama said, just an hour after President Donald Trump was sworn into office. "This is not a period, this is a comma in the continuing story of building America."

Catch a snippet of Obama's final goodbye below. Becca Stanek