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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Samantha Bee gloats over the Women's March, lets Trump voters gloat over his inauguration

President Trump was inaugurated on Friday, and Samantha Bee made clear on Wednesday's Full Frontal that she was pretty distraught — if you had any doubts — cheered up only by the hilarious Trump inaugural concert on Thursday night. But on Saturday, she was in Washington for the Women's March, along with at least 500,000 other anti-Trump protesters. "Going to the Women's March was like waking up from a nightmare to find that the monster was real, but all your friends were there with sticks and torches and unflattering hats to beat back the darkness," she said. "If only we'd known sooner that all you have do to get white women to show up to a protest is to give them a craft."

Not everyone was so excited about the marches in Washington and around the world, Bee noted. "People put a lot of effort into getting to a march, while others put a lot of effort into not understanding why people were marching." You know who she's talking about. "There were 'sister' marches from coast to coast, and if you watch Fox, nowhere in between," she said. After showing photos of women marching in small towns across middle America, she turned the show over to an a cappella group that formed at the Washington march, Milck featuring the GW Sirens and Capital Blend, and their viral anthem.

Having celebrated the Women's Marches, Bee gave her show over to Trump supporters. "My team was at the inauguration Friday to witness firsthand the peaceful transfer of Obama's achievements into the landfill," she said, "and to allow some gloating from the other side." She was as good as her word, and the last interview is a remarkable act of comedic self-immolation. Watch below. Peter Weber