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The White House Office of the Press Secretary had a rough Thursday

Everyone was under the impression that British Prime Minister Theresa May was going to meet with President Trump on Friday, but it turns out, Teresa May is coming instead.

So says a memo sent out from the White House, specifically the Office of the Press Secretary, to media organizations on Thursday. Bloomberg reports that May's first name was spelled wrong (the "h," while silent, is still there) throughout the document, and that wasn't the only glaring error of the day — the subject line of another message announced a "Readout of the Vice President's Call with Australian Foreign Prime Minister Julie Bishop." Bishop's title is actually Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Here's an idea — instead of hiring a proofreader, just have Fox News run a segment every hour, on the hour, where the anchor reads — and spells — the names of foreign leaders. That way, we know at least Trump will get it right.