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A 'political drama' about the 2016 election is coming to a TV near you

In case you didn't get enough of the 2016 election while it was actually happening, you'll soon have the chance to revisit all the drama via a roughly 10-hour mini-series by the screenwriter and producer who made 2012's Osama bin Laden thriller film, Zero Dark Thirty, Deadline reports.

"[Screenwriter Mark] Boal is nothing if not thorough, and this should be a fascinating, possibly stomach-churning insight into the every step of the 2016 election," The Playlist notes. "There are no broadcasters signed up yet, but I can't imagine it will be too difficult to find a partner, and while it might be 'Too soon!' for some, Boal and [former New York Times Magazine editor Hugo] Lindgren are smart in getting reflections on the past year, while memories are still fresh, and emotion is running high."

Lindgren is reportedly assembling a team of investigative journalists to help with the forthcoming "political drama." There are no details on casting yet, but Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump look-alikes might want to give their agents a ring. Read more of the details at Deadline.