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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert lays out the Trump-Russia connections in a Usual Suspects homage

The relationship between President Trump's inner circle and Russian intelligence services is a real mystery, and the FBI and CIA are on the case. (Congress may or may not be, too.) On Wednesday's Late Show, Stephen Colbert found a creative and maybe less-than-optimistic way to lay out the evidence, inserting himself in the 1995 thriller The Usual Suspects. Chazz Palminteri, playing a government agent, threatens to drag the truth out of his suspect, but Colbert — filling Kevin Spacey's role — protests: "Yes! I do know something! And I'm telling you everything, you're just not listening. I've been telling you for, like, a year! There's something weird going on between Trump and the Russians!" He instructs Palminteri to look at the bulletin board. Palminteri finally gets it — but if you remember the movie, that's not great news for anybody who wants to really know what's going on. Peter Weber