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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Conan's new leaked Trump-Obama phone chats cover everything from the Oscars to Transformer rights

Conan O'Brien has been occasionally doing his patriotic duty and releasing leaked (fake) phone conversations between President Trump and former President Barack Obama (impersonators), and Tuesday night's batch deals with everything from the Oscars to Trump reversing Obama's boost to transgender K-12 students. "I was just wondering if you saw that I rescinded your bill allowing Transformers to use human bathrooms," the Trump stand-in said in one chat. "Pretty great, right?" "Donald, that's not what you did," Obama's impersonator replied. "The law wasn't about Transformers, it was to protect transgender people from discrimination." "What? No," Trump replied. "Bannon told me it would just keep robot cars from peeing in our bathrooms." The Trump impressionist is a bit over-the-top, but you can almost believe Obama is on the other end of the line. Watch below. Peter Weber