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Trump advises 4th graders to 'make a lot of money' — but 'don't run for politics after'

President Trump apparently doesn't want America's youth following in his footsteps. While speaking to a "beautiful" 4th grade class in Florida on Friday, Trump asked the kids where they wanted to go to college. One student, 10-year-old Janayah, told the president she had her hopes set on Johns Hopkins University. "Want to be a doctor, is that why Johns Hopkins?" Trump said, per a pool report. The next student Trump spoke to shared her dream to "open her own business."

After mulling over the students' respective goals of becoming a doctor and a businesswoman, the real estate mogul-turned-politician doled out some advice. "That's a good idea," Trump said. "Make a lot of money, right? But don't run for politics after."