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Late Night Antics

Conan O'Brien conjures up a very one-sided conversation between Obama and Trump

You don't need to be privy to any surreptitiously gathered information to know that President Trump isn't calling up former President Barack Obama to shoot the breeze, but on Tuesday's Conan, viewers were treated to a taste of what those conversations might sound like. Conan's Trump wanted to talk about the wiretapping charges, his belief that "two crazies multiplied together cancel each other out," and his decision not to get a dog (why bother when you have Sean Spicer?), while Conan's Obama just really wanted to get off the phone. The faux Trump did come up with one pretty good idea — after declaring that Obama is his "rival," Trump suggests the two collaborate on a movie about frenemies called Wacko Donny and the Bar. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia