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Breitbart leaks audio of Paul Ryan slamming Trump, makes case for a new speaker

President Trump is not going to like the sound of this. On Monday, Breitbart News published leaked audio of House Speaker Paul Ryan vowing in October to never defend Trump. "I am not going to defend Donald Trump — not now, not in the future," Ryan said on the tape, which was recorded shortly after Trump's lewd Access Hollywood comments were leaked.

"His comments are indefensible," Ryan added. "They're not in keeping with our principles, so I'm not going to try to defend them."

While Ryan's comments were first reported back in October, Good Morning America points out that the timing of the audio leak is not coincidental. "This is rehashing an old fight by potentially sowing some new divisions here," Good Morning America reported. "By releasing [the comments] now, conservatives who oppose the health-care bill may be trying to drive a wedge between the president and the speaker."

Breitbart, at least, seems to suggest it could be time for a change. "A new speaker, some argue, would make life much easier for President Trump as he moves forward with his agenda," Breitbart writes.