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Neil Gorsuch wants you to know he's a real human from Earth and definitely not a robot

Judge Neil Gorsuch is facing a second day of confirmation hearings before the Senate on Tuesday, as he seeks to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat after being nominated by President Trump. Gorsuch has been praised by Republicans for his strong conservative record as a federal appeals court judge in Colorado, was introduced to the Senate on Monday by both the Republican and Democratic senators from Colorado, and brings with him a sterling academic pedigree. Over the course of a day and a half of hearings, Gorsuch has been pressed on his views regarding Roe v. Wade, Trump's travel ban and whether he'd uphold it at the Supreme Court, workers' rights, and more.

But one issue on which Gorsuch reiterated his beliefs the most was the issue of personhood — and not fetal personhood, but the literal fact that he is a person. First, he was indirect, only reassuring the Senate Judiciary Committee of what he is not:

Then, he went in for the kill:

Whoa if true.