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Gorsuch rejects GOP congressman's claim he'd be good for Trump's travel ban: 'He has no idea how I'd rule'

Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday refused to comment on how he would rule on President Trump's immigration executive order, should he be confirmed and should the travel ban make it to the Supreme Court. During the second day of his Senate confirmation hearing, Gorsuch maintained it would be "grossly improper" for him to give any indication on how he would rule on any case — especially one that's "currently being litigated." A Maryland federal court and a Hawaii court have both imposed temporary restraining orders against Trump's ban, which temporarily prohibits people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Gorsuch dismissed a Republican congressman's suggestion that nominating Gorsuch would be "the best thing" Trump "could do for his Muslim ban." When the comment was recalled at the hearing, Gorsuch responded by noting "a lot of people say a lot of silly things." "He has no idea how I'd rule in that case," Gorsuch said of the congressman.

Watch the moment below. Becca Stanek