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how's that for honesty

Republican congressman says the GOP 'hasn't figured out yet how to be the governing party'

Republicans' health-care meltdown prompted a moment of unbridled honesty from GOP Rep. Chris Collins (N.Y.). On Friday, as the GOP tried yet again to prepare for its vote on the GOP-backed health-care bill, Collins suggested that maybe his party just wasn't yet ready for the task of running the government. "Our conference hasn't figured out yet how to be the governing party," Collins said, per Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur.

On the heels of President Trump's ultimatum to Republicans late Thursday to either pass the American Health Care Act on Friday or be stuck with ObamaCare, Collins said tensions are at an all-time high. "I've never seen this before," Collins said. "People are just refusing to talk to each other. They're storming past each other."

When asked what the chances of a straight ObamaCare repeal would be if the AHCA does not pass today, Collins left little room for hope. "Oh, that would get about 50 votes," he said.

Republicans need to get 215 votes to pass their health-care bill Friday.