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Watch Tina Fey mock President Trump for an ACLU fundraiser

Tina Fey

"You know, the president and I have two things in common," comedian Tina Fey explained while hosting an American Civil Liberties Union telethon on Friday. "One, neither of us has any business wearing khakis with a shirt tucked in. And two, we're both very upset about the amount of fake news out in the world right now."

"So, you know, don't let any website tell you that the ACLU stands for Anti-Christian Lesbian Underground," Fey continued. It's actually "the American Christian Lesbian Underground," and Fey is (almost) a card-carrying member.

Lauding the ACLU on issues of free speech, privacy, and gender equality, Fey made a pitch for supporting the organization with her trademark mix of timely snark. Watch the star-studded telethon below; Fey's bit starts about six minutes after the two-hour mark. Bonnie Kristian