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TV anchor breaks the news of her husband's death

Supreet Kaur.

An anchor for India's IBC24 News was on the air Saturday when she broke the news of a fatal car accident that she later learned involved her husband.

Supreet Kaur reported that three people died and two were injured when an SUV and truck collided in Pithora. As more images and details started to come in, including the type of car involved and the site of the accident, she began to worry about her husband of 18 months, Harshad Kawade, who drove a similar vehicle and was in the area. "She was doing her job, and she kept on doing it with composure and without showing her emotions on air," IBC24 editor-in-chief Ravi Kant Mittal told CNN.

After Kaur went off the air, it was confirmed that Kawade was one of the victims in the accident, and she broke down, the station said. Dr. Raman Singh, chief minister for the state of Chhattisgarh, tweeted his appreciation of Kaur's "strength in dealing with her husband's demise with extraordinary bravery and professionalism." Catherine Garcia