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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert catches up on Trump's bombings and Betsy DeVos-related typos

Stephen Colbert has returned from Easter break, and he kicked off Monday's Late Show with a brief recap of President Trump's first White House Easter Egg Roll earlier in the day. He cringed at the moment when first lady Melania Trump had to nudge the president during the national anthem. "He forgot to put his hand over his heart," Colbert said. "It happens to everybody. I mean, when I saw that footage I almost forgot to put my hand over my face." And yet, he added, that was "not the most embarrassing thing to happen at the Easter Egg Roll. That honor goes to the official White House Snapchat account, that sent out this snap featuring a bunch of kids gathered around the 'Secretary of Educauon [sic] Betsy DeVos.' Yes, it's like Betsy DeVos always says: There's no 'i' in education, the way I spell it."

But Colbert's vacation left a lot of news on the table, and he started with Trump's decision to bomb Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's air base — and his retelling of that fateful decision, paired with a chocolate cake, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and mixing up the country he bombed. "Hey, South Korea, before the war starts, just to be on the safe side, you might want to break out the spray paint," Colbert said, showing an image of the Korean Peninsula with "The Good Korea (Do Not Bomb)" scrawled in yellow paint across the lower half.

Trump also dropped a massive bomb in Afghanistan, but he really has his sights on North Korea, which tried and failed to fire off a ballistic missile on Sunday. Colbert had a heart-to-heart with Kim Jong Un: "Kim, buddy, it happens to everybody. You get all excited, you want to prove your manhood, and then, blam-o. The next time, think about bombing baseball or something." And he ended with a look at Trump's recent tweets, raising what could be an evergreen question for The Late Show: "Am I high right now, or have I just been huffing pure Trump for too long?" Colbert ended back where he began, showing a Trump tweet about the "Congressioal [sic] race tomorrow" in Georgia. "That's right, 'congressioal.' Someone's being tutored by Betsy DeVos." Watch below. Peter Weber