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three cheers for patch

There's a one-eyed horse racing in this year's Kentucky Derby

For anyone out there who is still deciding which horse to root for Saturday over a cool mint julep, meet Patch. This Kentucky Derby contender has only one eye and, per ESPN's Jeannine Edwards, is totally a "lovable underdog." "He's an underdog with a disability, but he doesn't let that disability keep him on the sidelines," Edwards said on Good Morning America on Friday, a day before the big race in Louisville, Kentucky. "The vets tried to salvage it. They could not, so he only has one eye."

Edwards said that Patch can "basically only see half his world" because of his missing eye. Though one-eyed horses have previously raced the Kentucky Derby, none of Patch's three single-eyed predecessors won. "Patch is looking to be the first," Edwards said. "It would be quite an upset indeed."

Check out the names of all of Patch's competitors here, and get ready to raise a glass to the Derby's one-eyed racer.