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A must see

A Pikachu dance performance at the Pokémon World Festival went terribly wrong after the lead Pikachu started to deflate

What happens when a Pikachu begins to deflate mid-dance performance? Well, at the Pokémon World Festival 2017 in Songdo, South Korea, that Pikachu promptly gets carried off stage.

In a video that took the internet by storm Friday, multiple staff members can be seen swarming the deflating Pikachu and dragging it off the stage. (Yes, there is a person inside that inflatable costume.) The rest of the Pikachus continue dancing to Hairspray's "Can't Stop the Beat."

Moments later, the staff escorts the Pikachu — which is once again inflated — back out to the stage to join the others for the performance's final moves.

Watch the whole thing go down below. Becca Stanek