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Trump's net approval rating is worse than Nixon's during Watergate

President Trump's Gallup daily approval rating on Sunday was just 36 percent, even worse than former President Richard Nixon's rating of 39 percent in July 1973, when he refused to turn over the infamous White House tapes. Nixon's approval rating didn't hit a low of 36 percent until mid-August, as the Watergate scandal heightened, and at that point he only had a net differential of minus-18, The New York Times reports.

As of Sunday, Trump's differential was actually even steeper than Nixon's, at minus-22:

Trump's approval rating hasn't been higher than 43 percent since April 28. At 36 percent, he is just one point away from his lowest job approval rating ever, 35 percent, which he hit March 28.

At this same point in their respective presidencies, President Barack Obama was tracking at an approval rating of 61 percent, President George W. Bush at 55 percent, and Bill Clinton at 37 percent, CNN reports.