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Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the Comey testimony, GOP defense of Trump

Seth Meyers.

For those who weren't glued to their televisions during former FBI Director James Comey's testimony Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Seth Meyers grabbed some highlights from the circus surrounding his appearance.

He started with some helpful flashbacks of President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway lamenting back in October the poor treatment Comey was receiving from people like the Clintons, juxtaposed with Republicans today lashing out at Comey and undermining his credibility. Meyers found it incredibly funny to see people like House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) defending Trump and his interactions with Comey, saying "he's new at this" and didn't know better than to have one-on-one meetings. "So wait, the president is just learning on the job?" Meyers asked. "Even at Chipotle you have to shadow someone for a week."

Meyers was also incredulous over Comey saying he was "honestly concerned" Trump might lie about the nature of their first get together. "That's the FBI director, a guy who has dealt with liars and criminals his whole life, walking out of this first meeting with the president thinking, 'I've gotta write this s—t down," Meyers said. One thing that didn't happen was Trump going on a Twitter spree, which Meyers believes was prevented by aides making his schedule so packed he was preoccupied. "It's a sad state of affairs when the White House staff has to handle the president like a toddler on a road trip," Meyers said. "'OK, I've got the iPad and the sticker book, a ziplock fill of Cheerios, three binkies. I think we're good, let's roll, let's see what we do — oh, he's already out of his carseat." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia