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Trump's nominee for FBI director recently took a mention of a Russia-related case out of his bio

Earlier this year, President Trump's FBI director nominee, Christopher Wray, removed a mention of a case involving the Russian government from his law firm bio. Wray worked on a case in 2006 representing "an energy company president in a criminal investigation by Russian authorities," and as far back as 2009 Wray's biography on the website of law firm King & Spalding mentioned the case. However, a recent review by CNN's KFile found that sometime in 2017, that case got zapped from Wray's bio.

King & Spalding told CNN that Wray made this edit before he "considered whether he might be nominated for any administration post." "Chris made this change to his bio, along with other minor tweaks, in an attempt to make the material more current. At the time he made the adjustments — Jan. 12, 2017 — he was not being considered for, and did not anticipate being nominated for, FBI director, or any position in government," said King & Spalding spokeswoman Micheline Tang. "Moreover, the representation that was dropped from his online bio related to a matter where Chris, King & Spalding, and the client were adverse to the Russian government."

Trump selected Wray earlier this month after abruptly firing former FBI Director James Comey, who was heading up the FBI investigation into Trump's potential ties to Russia's election meddling. Wray is likely to be asked about his work related to Russia at his Senate confirmation hearing.