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Trump's lawyer on Trump Jr.'s meeting: 'If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?'

Attorney Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump's legal team, made the rounds of Sunday shows to address Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer and the Trump-Russia collusion investigation more broadly.

In an appearance on ABC's This Week, Sekulow argued that the Trump Jr. meeting, though certainly not ideal, could not have been too bad since the Secret Service let it happen. "If this was nefarious," he asked, "why'd the Secret Service allow these people in? The president had Secret Service protection at that point, and that raised a question with me."

Sekulow also addressed President Trump's repeated complaint that the federal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a "witch hunt." "Yes, when he calls it a witch hunt, when he talks about the scope and nature of the investigation, he's concerned about the nature of what's going on here," Sekulow said, maintaining that Trump has "been very clear and very direct on his statements" about Russia and is still willing to testify to Mueller, under oath, "if it came to that."