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Philadelphia 5-year-old is a hero to the city's stray cats

The stray cats of Philadelphia have a champion: 5-year-old Shon "Catman" Griffin.

Griffin's aunts, Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin, have spent the last decade fostering cats and working with rescues, and for two years, they tried to get a feral cat named Bug to trust them so they could get him neutered and vaccinated. They tried everything to capture him, but weren't successful until the Catman became involved. "[The cats] took to him right away," Griffin told ABC News. "Bug came right over to Shon, rubbed against his legs, and allowed him to pet him." Bug let them get him neutered and vaccinated, and he's now one of the nicest cats in the neighborhood.

Shon helps his aunts take care of 45 stray cats in four different spots in Philadelphia, often wearing a superhero costume. He can fill up their bowls with dry food and water all on his own, and makes sure to pet each one. "His favorite thing to do is give them treats," Papiernik said. The cats his aunts foster are just as loved — when he visits, Shon plays with them and lavishes them with attention. "He truly loves them, and they love him back just as much," Griffin said. Catherine Garcia