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These 3 Harvey photos are totally fake

Tropical Storm Harvey is undoubtedly a harrowing event, but contrary to photos you may have seen circulating the internet, sharks are not swimming in the streets and alligators aren't taking over Texas.

First in the line-up of fake photos to be debunked is this shot of a shark swimming on the freeway in Houston:

Another photo making the rounds seemingly shows airplanes underwater at the Houston airport. The image is actually a mock-up photo of New York's LaGuardia Airport, intended to show the potential effects of climate change:

Finally, when it comes to that alligator photo that even Katie Couric shared: The photo is real, and it was snapped in Houston, but it was actually taken by a sheriff's deputy back in April. Come to think of it, an alligator sighting on a random spring day might be even more terrifying ... Becca Stanek