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Hurricane Maria

Trump tells Puerto Ricans to 'have a good time,' throws them paper towel rolls

President Trump hucked rolls of paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Ricans on Tuesday "like he was taking basketball jump shots," delivering — however crude the method — badly needed aid to the locals, many of whom are still without electricity or drinkable water after Hurricane Maria.

"Trump, still wearing his wind breaker, shook hands with the enthusiastic crowd along with the first lady and the governor," one pool report recounted of Trump's stop at Calvary Chapel in Guaynabo. "He picked up a can of tinned chicken breast and held it aloft for the crowd to see. He handed one man in the crowd a pack of batteries … He held up a flashlight and showed it to the crowd, shaking hands the whole time."

In addition to throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans and complimenting local officials for not recreating Hurricane Katrina, Trump also visited some hurricane victims' homes. "We have a good house, thank God," one islander told Trump, showing the president the damage.

"In the meantime, here you are," Trump observed, adding: "We're going to help you out. Have a good time."