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Late Night Tackles Harvey Weinstein

Late Night's female writers have some thoughts on Harvey Weinstein and men, plus spit-takes galore

When the female writers on NBC's Late Night read about the decades of sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, they spit out the various beverages in their mouths onto other female writers, according to a re-enactment on Monday night's show. Seth Meyers turned Late Night over to three of the writers — Amber Ruffin, Ally Hord, and Jenny Hagel — for a few minutes so they could discuss their thoughts. They were not surprised at the allegations, only that it took so long for them to come out and that people were surprised.

Ruffin, Hord, and Hagel were particularly appalled at Weinstein's response to The New York Times' report on the allegations, and they mixed a few jokes in with their rebuttals. And it's not just a Weinstein problem. "You know who else is sexually harassing women every day?" Hord asked. "Unpowerful men like bus drivers." "And hot dog vendors," Ruffin added. "And improv coaches," all three women said, so maybe that's a thing. Meyers asked if they had any ideas for how society can change, and they did: "Sexual harassment training" (Ruffin), "believe women when they come forward with complaints" (Hagel), and "men could just stop being f---ing creeps" (Hord). They were surprised by one aspect of the Weinstein saga, though. Watch below. Peter Weber