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Late Night Tackles Harvey Weinstein

Jimmy Kimmel recounts his Twitter fight with Donald Trump Jr. over Harvey Weinstein

On Saturday, Jimmy Kimmel's wife woke him up with a tweet from President Trump complaining about late-night hosts not giving him "equal time" with their "'unfunny' & repetitive material, always anti-Trump," Kimmel recounted on Monday's Kimmel Live. After laughing at Trump calling someone else "repetitive," Kimmel said he responded to Trump's tweet and was rewarded with a Twitter fight with Donald Trump Jr., or DJTJ.

The younger Trump asked Kimmel for his thoughts on Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer exposed as an alleged serial sexual harasser who, Kimmel noted, "is not the president and isn't particularly well-known outside of L.A. and New York." Still, he said, "the insinuation was that we, as part of the biased, left-wing media propaganda machine, wouldn't say anything about him because he's a Democrat — never mind the thousands of jokes about Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton and all the other Bills of that ilk." In any case, Kimmel said, he tweeted back that the Weinstein reports were "disgusting," Trump said he looked forward to Kimmel's monologues about something other than his father, "and I responded: 'Great — in the meantime, enjoy this' and I posted a link to the video of daddy on the Access Hollywood bus."

"So anyway, note to DJTJ: Next time you're defending your father and you think it's a good idea to draw a comparison between him and a freshly accused sexual predator, don't," Kimmel said. "It doesn't help." Still, in his Twitter back-and-forth with Trump Jr., "I did make a promise," Kimmel said. "I did promise a Harvey Weinstein joke. So here it goes." It is safe for work. Watch below. Peter Weber