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Late Night Tackles Trump and Puerto Rico

Jimmy Kimmel has a plan to save America from Trump's 'dangerous' early morning tweetstorms

President Trump's "inexplicable battle with Puerto Rico rages on," with Trump firing off a trio of tweets early Thursday morning blaming Puerto Rico for its post-hurricane mess and warning that the federal government won't be there to help them "forever," Jimmy Kimmel noted on Thursday's Kimmel Live. "Okay, but it's been three weeks. He has hemorrhoids that last longer than that." He said he wasn't sure what Trump has against Puerto Rico, but rather than just cracking wry jokes, he started brainstorming solutions.

"I feel like the only way to get Donald Trump to care about what's happening there is to add a hot Puerto Rican anchor lady to Fox & Friends — that might do it," Kimmel suggested. "It's especially crazy that this is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up." In fact, he does "most of his angry tweeting" in the early morning, Kimmel said, "and I think I have a plan to maybe put a dent in that, because it's dangerous." His plan involves some sacrifice — at least by America's children — but Kimmel was unmoved. "Sorry kids, but your country needs these," he said. Watch below. Peter Weber