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Trevor Noah has a Daily Show hotline for GOP 'Trump dealers' too scared to follow Flake, Corker

The Republicans turning on President Trump aren't just disagreeing with him. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) "is saying that the president of the United States is incompetent and cannot be trusted in the Oval Office, or near electrical outlets," Trevor Noah said on Wednesday's Daily Show. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) made a similar case from the Senate floor. "I know that doesn't seem flashy, because we're so used to living with Trump, but that was definitely a slam, a senatorial slam," Noah said, "like, you don't do a mic drop after that, you just gently lay the mic in a coffin."

Some argue that Corker and Flake should stick around and try to save the democracy they say is at stake, but "you have to admit, there's a freedom that comes from saying that you quit," Noah said, and these two now have 15 months to do whatever they want. In fact, the only Republican having a good time right now is "real-life Halloween costume Steve Bannon," who wants to sweep out all Republican politicians next year, except Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), he said, "which is so sad for Ted Cruz. He even gets left out of threats."

Still, Flake and Corker have "shown that there are Republicans who are starting to see the realities of the Donald Trump presidency," Noah said, "publicly acknowledging the danger of everything else that this man stands for," even though they agree with his legislated goals. He compared them to drug dealers "trying to flip on the kingpin who has clearly gone too far," and there are others still reluctantly dealing. Noah encouraged those other Republicans to come forward — "all of them, except Ted Cruz" — and presented a PSA for "Trump dealers" too scared to quit the gang. Watch below. Peter Weber