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CNN's Chris Cuomo mocks Anthony Scaramucci's attempts to defend Trump

CNN's Chris Cuomo taught former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci a basic lesson about fighting fire with fire on New Day on Tuesday. Cuomo, who is a longtime acquaintance of Scaramucci's, wasn't letting anything get by him when Scaramucci attempted to defend President Trump's use of a racial slur. "[Sen. Elizabeth Warren has] been nasty to him, and he's been concurrently nasty to her," Scaramucci attempted to justify.

Cuomo couldn't contain a snicker. "Anthony," he said, "you wouldn't let your kids operate that way, but you're going to say it's okay for the president? You're not in there anymore, you can be honest!"

The New Day host continued to needle Scaramucci over his flailing attempts to defend Trump, at one point teasing "you haven't done this in awhile, you're a little off your game. I'll give you an easy one." But when it came down to business, Cuomo wasn't even willing to cut a pal a break. "I can't trust you on any level when I think you're going to B.S. me," he sternly told Scaramucci after another attempt at a spin. Watch the full interview below. Jeva Lange