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Seth Meyers gets Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer his cheeky questions, his way

"Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been holding a lot of press briefings lately, but I don't think all the questions we need answered have been asked," Seth Meyers said on Tuesday's Late Night. So he held another one where the Late Night press corps could ask its own questions — and Sanders would respond in ways Meyers and his editors found appropriate (or, mostly, inappropriate). Meyers elicited answers about President Trump, his wife, children Eric and Ivanka Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was allowed a question, about what reporters are thankful for, Meyers poked a little fun at himself, too. "I'm thankful we can use clever editing to make this nightmare of an administration sound silly," he said. "You're not fixing the problem, you're only making things worse," Sanders responded. "That's fair," Meyers said, after a pause. You can watch the entire press briefing below. Peter Weber