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Corey Lewandowski claims Trump's insulting nicknames show a deep grasp of Jungian psychology

The first reviews of Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie's campaign memoir, Let Trump Be Trump, are in — and they are not exactly great. While Lewandowski (who served as the Trump campaign's manager until June 2016) and Bossie (who became deputy campaign manager in September 2016) do offer up some juicy pieces of gossip, most of the 264 pages are apparently spent unconvincingly praising the genius of President Trump.

"The sheer effusiveness of praise for Trump in Let Trump Be Trump is embarrassing," explains the New Republic's Alex Shephard in his hilarious (if also terrifying) hatchet job. "It also suggests a person who is desperate for constant, Stalin-esque praise from advisers who should be confronting him with difficult truths."

Shephard shared one of the most amusing examples of this on Twitter:

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