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Succulence triumphs in Europe's kebab fight

Kebab lovers in Europe just won a huge legislative victory.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament rejected a proposed ban on additives that add flavor to kebab meats, The Guardian reports. Green and Social Democrats in the legislative body had proposed nixing the ingredients, claiming that consumption of phosphate chemicals is linked to heart disease.

But kebabs sans phosphates aren't so tasty, kebab lovers argue. The chemicals are added in small quantities to the huge chunks of meat that are roasted on vertical spits in order to make them juicier, and phosphate fans say the additives also play a large role in keeping the meat from disintegrating as it cooks.

The ban on phosphates was defeated by just three votes — but the debate is not entirely over. The EU's European Food Safety Authority will release the findings of a study on the risks of phosphates next year. In the meantime, Europe's Christian Democrats celebrated the triumph bluntly: "We saved your kebab. You're welcome."