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It wasn't all bad

Boston cop surprises stranded family with a lift to Maine

The Malenfant family missed their train from Boston to Maine, but still made it home on time thanks to an understanding police officer.

Kori Malenfant, 19, and her family arrived in Boston on Saturday after spending nearly two weeks in New York. Malenfant was there for brain surgery, and was looking forward to finally getting home to Portland. After missing their train by five minutes, they prepared to spend several cold hours waiting in the station. They asked Boston Police Capt. Kelly McCormick if he knew where they could store their luggage, and he brought them to his cruiser and said they could hang out with him while he got gas.

McCormick's wife underwent a kidney transplant, and he was the donor, so he knew firsthand how hard it is to undergo major surgery. After he got gas but kept driving toward Maine, Malenfant asked him if he was driving them all the way to Portland. "I said, 'Yes, this is a kidnapping, but it's legal,'" he told WMTW. Two hours later, the Malenfants were dropped off at home, and McCormick turned around to get back to work in Boston. "There were just no words at that point," Malenfant said. "We were so thankful."