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Late Night Tackles Trump and DACA

Stephen Colbert puckishly ponders why Jared Kushner suddenly wants to take on prison reform

It's still unclear why President Trump let TV cameras record his bipartisan immigration summit on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show. But whatever the reason, he clearly thought it was a success "because today he did it again with his Cabinet meeting," welcoming reporters "back to the studio." "You're not in a studio!" Colbert pointed out. "That's the actual White House. We can't believe it either." Trump raved about his "performance" in Tuesday's meeting, then took a bow for what he assumed was a grateful media. "Yes, Trump says the media will be out of business without Trump," Colbert repeated. "Colbert says, Colbert's fine with that."

Still furious over the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury, Trump "has a modest plan to destroy the First Amendment," Colbert said. He argues that gutting U.S. libel laws would bolster American fairness, "and who knows more about American fairness than the man who was born a millionaire and became president by losing the popular vote?" Colbert asked. Still, just to be safe, he got in a few last potentially libelous licks on Trump.

On Tuesday, "Trump got DACA-blockad, and he was shockad," Colbert said. Trump savaged the courts over the suspension of his DACA phaseout, but he has nobody to blame but himself, Colbert said, noting that the judge cited one of Trump's tweets in his ruling. "He's right — on immigration, Trump has two personalities: He's Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide Amigo, Immigration is Here!" Wednesday was also Jared Kushner's birthday, and it seems he got a new job. "We just learned that in addition to all the other White House duties, Kushner wants to overhaul America's prison system," Colbert said. "Hmmm, I wonder why he's suddenly so interested in prison conditions?" He speculated that Kushner might suggest safety tunnels for inmates and a better wine selection, and he had some prison yard advice. Watch below. Peter Weber