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Trevor Noah mercilessly mocks the GOP's FBI 'secret society' conspiracy ploy

"From almost the beginning of the investigation, Republicans have tried to find any way to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show, and their latest fixation is a series of unkind text messages between two FBI officials formerly on Mueller's team. "I kind of get what Republicans are saying," Noah said. "If someone thinks Trump is an idiot, you don't want that person investigating him. On the other hand, if you don't think Trump's an idiot, then you're the idiot. Like, we don't want an idiot in charge of an investigation, we'll find him eating the evidence."

But since "even Republicans think that Trump is an idiot," they've moved on to new texts, including one mentioning a "secret society." "The FBI has a secret society — that they call the secret society?" Noah asked. "That's really sinister — and a little obvious. I mean, calling your secret society 'the secret society' is a weird way to keep a secret. That would be like if Batman's real name was Bruce Batman." Seriously, he added, "if you're in a secret society that controls the world you'd give it a boring name, like World Economic Forum, and you'd hold meetings in a Swiss mountain resort like a super-villain."

There's one part of the story that "does seem a little suspicious," he said, pointing to five months of (previously) missing text messages. "So you may want to dismiss this whole FBI conspiracy as Republican fan fiction, but for a change, maybe we should look at it from their point of view," he said, putting on spooky lights and music, then giving up. "Look, people, we all know what's happening here," he said. "Republicans are just trying to discredit the FBI and the Justice Department as much as possible so that when Robert Mueller comes out with his findings, you'll see them in a different light." Watch below. Peter Weber