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Late Night Tackles the State of the Union

Trevor Noah recaps Trump's State of the Union speech, Jimmy Fallon previews it, and Jordan Klepper gaslights everyone

Most of the late-night comedy shows broadcast live on Tuesday so they could make jokes about President Trump's first State of the Union speech. On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah noted that Trump began with his one concrete accomplishment: tax cuts. "Now, look, needless to say, like most of Trump's 'biggest things,' these tax cuts were not in fact the biggest tax cuts in American history — this is a lie, it's nowhere near it," he said. "But this wasn't a night for facts. ... Tonight was all about celebrating President Trump. And he was in such a good mood that he even reached across the aisle, and not just to grope someone."

The Democrats did not necessarily buy his bipartisan outreach, given Trump's words and deeds over the past year. "By the way, Chuck and Nancy's faces — did you see that?" he asked, referring to Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.). "They look like Trump also cheated on them with Stormy Daniels." Black members of Congress looked equally unimpressed when Trump claimed credit for low black unemployment.

Noah skimmed through the address, stopping to comment on how Trump creates reality from his verbal mistakes, his lopsided offer on immigration, and his expansive definition of "DREAMer." "Damn, did this guy just All Lives Matter the DREAMers?" he asked. Trump's speech was so heavy on the immigrant fear-mongering, "I wouldn't be surprised if his Teleprompter was just tuned to Fox & Friends the whole time."

Jordan Klepper at The Opposition explained Trump's bipartisan transformation with his "gaslight," trying to convince that Trump was a uniter all along.

The Tonight Show taped before the speech, so Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Trump and previewed the speech, with help from Kellyanne Conway and Barack Obama impersonators.

Jimmy Kimmel watched the speech with his guest Stormy Daniels, and took the opportunity to tease their interview. Peter Weber