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Late Night Tackles Guns

Stephen Colbert savages the conspiracy theories that Parkland students are Soros-led 'crisis actors'

"The big story tonight continues to be the inspiring activism of children," Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show, pointing to the big student protests and walkouts in Florida, D.C., and around the country to demand action on gun control. He played some of the stirring and angry messages to lawmakers from students who survived the Parkland school shooting, and when the camera cut back, he was on the phone. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch all of that, I was reading on Twitter about how all millennials are lazy and entitled," Colbert deadpanned.

"It's hard not to be inspired by these kids, but some people have managed to do it," Colbert said, teeing up the various conspiracy theories about the Parkland students, starting with CNN contributor Jack Kingston's theory that George Soros is puppet-mastering the kids. "Jack, teenagers are pretty good at planning big gatherings by themselves," Colbert explained. "I mean, didn't you ever go to a party in high school... oh. Oh, never mind." He turned to sarcasm for the slur that the students are "crisis actors": "That's right, we're all being taken in by the dazzling theatrical performances of high school actors," illustrating his point with a theater-nerd joke — several, actually.

It isn't just internet cranks spreading these conspiracies, Colbert sighed, pointing to Donald Trump Jr. before shifting to a critique of "DJTJ" touring India.

The Late Show elaborated on that Don Jr. critique with a Bollywood-style number, "The Dance of the Greasy Son."

Meanwhile, President Trump keeps tweeting about Russia, Colbert said, reading Trump's Wednesday morning tweet asking why his predecessor, Barack Obama, didn't stop Russian election meddling, why Democrats aren't being investigated, and urging people to "ask Jeff Sessions!" Colbert noted that Trump could just call his attorney general himself from his Twitter phone, explained to Trump how investigations work, and showed other ways Trump is trying, and failing, to one-up Obama. Peter Weber