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Trump just did a very weird impression of India's prime minister again

President Trump, who is one of the self-described "least racist" people in the country, assumed a rather odd persona when quoting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. While imitating Modi, Trump got "soft-spoken and clasp[ed] his hands in front of his chest," recounted The Associated Press' Zeke Miller.

The president has reportedly been known to "affect an Indian accent and imitate" Modi around White House staff, and he used a fake Indian accent during a 2016 campaign rally as well. While Trump didn't go overboard with an accent on Monday, he did call Modi "a beautiful man" and held his hands together while impersonating him, something he did not do, for example, when quoting a governor who had spoken the night before.

Whatever it was, it was odd! Watch below. Jeva Lange