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Watch the Black Mirror Season 5 trailer

The popular Netflix series Black Mirror announced Monday that it had been renewed for a fifth season, dropping a teaser trailer that is characteristically opaque. Released on Twitter, the teaser shows rows of old Black Mirror episodes ominously buffering — low bandwidth truly is a dystopian nightmare — and is marked with an equally vague tagline: "The future will be brighter than ever."

Some people tried deciphering what the message and its teaser could mean:

While others knew exactly what they wanted from the upcoming season:

The critically-acclaimed series was acquired by Netflix in 2015 and has already racked up two Emmys. The show's fourth season covered a lot of ground — from dating apps to memory implants and a racially charged museum of horrors — though it's not clear what will be tackled in the fifth installment. Read more about Black Mirror's return here.