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2018 academy awards

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the guy arrested for stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar

On Monday night, a very tired Jimmy Kimmel pulled back the curtain a bit on Sunday night's Academy Awards, which he hosted, explaining that his crew built the hot-dog cannon especially for the Oscars, good-naturedly griping about his mother embarrassing him by passing out Oscar-shaped cookies to A-listers during the award ceremony, and detailing the lengths his legal team went to in order to ensure they gave a jet ski to the award recipient with the shortest speech. There was some real drama at the after-party, too, he explained.

Best actress winner "Frances McDormand was robbed last night, but not in the usual way people are robbed at the Oscars," Kimmel said. After she won, "she gave an incredible speech, and then at the after-party, she put her Oscar down on the table and someone snatched it. And after the guy snatched it, he did the smart thing: He immediately made a video of himself and posted it on Facebook. ... So then he was arrested for grand theft, which is a felony. And not only is that dumb, it's dangerous. I would rather steal from Mike Tyson than Frances McDormand — she'll beat your ass! And what's the long-term plan when you steal an Oscar? Hope your friends didn't notice you didn't win Best Actress in 2018?" Watch below. Peter Weber