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Kristen Wiig will play a villainous cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

Saturday Night Live alumna Kristen Wiig will play the notorious villain Cheetah in the upcoming Wonder Woman 2, director Patty Jenkins confirmed Friday.

Rumors of Wiig's casting in the superhero sequel swirled last week when The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Warner Bros. and DC Comics were in talks with the comedienne to join the franchise. The first installment, Wonder Woman, grossed $821 million worldwide when it debuted in summer 2017.

Wiig will play Wonder Woman's feline archnemesis, a "were-cheetah" who morphs from a regular archaeologist into a woman-cheetah hybrid with superhuman speed and strength. The DC character is one of Wonder Woman's longest-standing and most iconic foes, reports Vulture, and there have been several iterations of Cheetah that filmmakers could pull from to make the most of Wiig's comedic chops and star power.