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Israel and Palestine

Palestinian reporter fatally shot by Israeli troops despite 'PRESS' vest

A Palestinian journalist named Yasser Murtaja died Saturday after being fatally shot by Israeli troops while covering a protest in Gaza on Friday. Murtaja, 31, was wearing a protective vest marked "PRESS" when he was shot. Five other Palestinian journalists, who also reportedly wore garments identifying them as members of the media, were shot Friday as well.

Murtaja was reporting on mass border protests in Gaza, where 31 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds more injured. Some demonstrators have thrown rocks and burning tires, and Israeli soldiers have responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, and live fire.

Hundreds of people attended Murtaja's funeral Saturday. "He was kind, gentle, and caring, eager to become the best journalist he could be," said Rori Don­aghy, a former editor who knew him, "because his aim was always to document the Palestinian people's suffering."

The Israeli military said it does not "intentionally target journalists" and will investigate the death.