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They'll never see royals

Trump isn't invited to Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle, but the Obamas won't attend, either

Sometimes it's good not to be king, or even directly in line to the throne. Kensington Palace said on Tuesday that Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle have "decided that an official list of political leaders — both U.K. and international — is not required" for their May 19 wedding at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel. Kensington said that royal officials and Britain's government decided, after reviewing protocol and precedent, that the prince and his American bride could keep the 600-person guest list to close family and friends.

That means Prime Minister Theresa May won't be attending, and neither will opposition leader Jeremy Cornyn or President Trump. "Former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, also are not attending," The Associated Press reports, citing a "person with knowledge of the guest list." The Obamas "have a warm personal relationship with Harry," AP notes. "Officials, however, were likely concerned Trump would feel snubbed if he was left out while his predecessor attended."

It's not clear Trump would have attended, anyway — Obama did not join other world leaders at the 2011 wedding of Harry's older brother, Prince William, and in January, Trump canceled a February visit to London, reportedly out of concern that he would be met by large numbers of protesters and bad press.

Kensington Palace also named some of the 1,200 members of the public who will be invited onto the grounds of Windsor Castle for the wedding festivities, giving them a nice view of the royal couple arriving and departing.