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Justice Department releases searing report alleging misconduct by Andrew McCabe

The Justice Department has accused former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe of misleading investigators and providing information to the press without authorization. In a report delivered to Congress on Friday, the DOJ claimed that McCabe had violated multiple department policies, which eventually led to his firing in March just days before he was set to retire and receive a pension.

More details about McCabe's alleged transgressions were revealed in the report, The New York Times explains. The report says that McCabe improperly allowed aides to divulge information to The Wall Street Journal in October 2016, in a violation of the FBI's media policy. McCabe denies the misconduct and says he had authorization to share the information with media. Additionally, the report includes details about a conflict between FBI and DOJ officials about the handling of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation's financial holdings, which was reportedly related to McCabe's alleged misconduct.

When McCabe was fired, he said his dismissal was an attempt to dismantle his credibility before he testified as a witness regarding President Trump's potential obstruction of justice in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that McCabe was dismissed for his "lack of candor" under oath. Read more at The New York Times.