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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert recaps Trump's 'insane' Fox & Friends interview, pours one out for Ronny Jackson

President Trump called into Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, and "this interview was insane," Stephen Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show. "It was rambling; it was so loud, it sounded like he was shouting the whole time." Colbert joked his way through the interview, from Trump's birthday present for Melania to his musings on Michael Cohen's business, how he definitely didn't collude with Russia (just ask Vladimir Putin), his threat to maybe fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and his complaints about NBC and CNN while insisting "he doesn't watch the thing he spends every waking moment complaining about."

"Neither Fox nor Friend could get in a word edgewise," Colbert said. "The whole time this is going on, the curvy couchlings just sat there stunned, mouths slacked, glassy-eyed, wondering what to do. And we at The Late Show have obtained exclusive recordings of the Fox & Friends' inner monologues while they listened to Donald Trump unravel."

"After 30 minutes, the hosts gently reminded the president that he has a job," Colbert laughed. "But in their defense, the Fox & Friends had to rush the leader of the free world off the phone to get to their actual next news segment, 'Buck's famous scrambled eggs!' The secret ingredient is: changing the subject."

While Trump was on Fox & Friends, White House physician Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination for VA secretary. Colbert wasn't shocked. "Today we learned that his on-the-job alcohol use was so routine that there was a standing order to leave rum and Diet Coke in Dr. Jackson's hotel room on official travel," he said. "Oh, he's not just drinking — he's freshman-spring-break-in-Cancun drinking." Jackson denied all this, saying he's bowing out because his nomination had become "a distraction for this president." "To be fair," Colbert said, "jangly keys are a distraction for this president."

The Late Show also had a brief reaction to EPA chief Scott Pruitt's congressional testimony. Watch below. Peter Weber