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Kathy Griffin claims Trump sicced the Secret Service on her

Comedian Kathy Griffin is worried about the Secret Service.

Griffin told ABC News on Friday that President Trump ordered the Secret Service to investigate her because of his personal "vendetta" against the comedian.

Griffin was heavily criticized last year after she published a doctored image of herself holding Trump's decapitated head. The bloodied severed head was a joke, Griffin has said, but law enforcement officials took it very seriously. She told ABC News that the Secret Service interviewed her for several hours to evaluate whether she was making threats against the president, but not merely as a routine investigation.

"You know, [Trump] has a vendetta against certain people," said Griffin, who later noted that the president simply "can't take a joke." When host Brad Mielke asked if she thought Trump had personally sent officials to target her, Griffin's response was "of course. You know how he works." Griffin didn't provide any evidence, but chalked it up to a personal beef between the two.

Furthermore, Griffin alleged that certain media outlets had conspired to manufacture outrage against the comedian over the photo. She said that Fox News and host Sean Hannity had coordinated with TMZ to throw her into "the Trump wood chipper."